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Telacoustics’ TAP™ proprietary audio processing technology has been included in three of Motorola’s newest headset and visor-mounted speakerphone products. Adding to the millions of mobile phone and headset products already shipping with TAP, these new design wins re-affirm the strength of Telacoustics technology and its ability to deliver exceptional intelligibility for today’s leading consumer electronics.

Showcasing TAP’s multi-microphone noise cancelation scheme, the next generation of Motorola products include:

  • Headsets – The CommandOne™ and Finiti™ headsets utilize TAP’s dual-microphone noise cancellation so background noise will be blocked out and conversations will be heard clearly. In addition, the Finiti™ employs Telacoustics’ TAP solution for bone conduction when operating in stealth mode. In stealth mode, the bone conduction microphone converts vocal vibrations to speech and eliminates noise in up to 40mph winds.

  • Speakerphone – Also, powered by TAP, the new Roadster™ is a visor-mounted Bluetooth speakerphone which delivers the clearest calls from your car. Using Telacoustics technology, the speakerphone blocks out background noise in the car better than other speakerphones.

Telacoustics is proud to be part of these innovative products and appreciates the opportunity to go to market with one of the leaders in mobile technology.

About Telacoustics Audio Processing (TAP)

Telacoustics TAP technology is a software-based audio processing system that provides an unprecedented degree of audio intelligibility in noisy, unpredictable real-world applications. The TAP suite offers best-in-class multi-microphone and bone conduction noise cancelation, as well as a broad range of features required by today’s audio communications devices. These include wind noise suppression, echo cancellation, equalization and adaptive receive audio enhancement. TAP Powered™ products are consistently praised by media and consumers alike for their spectacular ability to allow people to tune out the noise and tune into the conversation.

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